Who Am I?

iamtheeastBaroness Ellice de Valles began in the SCA by traveling the world. Having returned to her native lands, she focuses on 14th century life in all of its facets – when she is not “hitting people with sticks”. She can often be found on the dance floor or lurking around the musicians. Current projects include fretwork veils, gardening, learning French, medieval manners and painting medieval “selfies.


Recent Posts

  • Weeds: Lambsquarters - Lambsquarters (Chenopodium album) is a hardy annual known by many other names. Some of the more common ones include pigweed, fat-hen, goosefoot, bacon weed, dirty Dick, Muck Hill weed, white goosefoot, frost blite, melde and manure weed. Lambsquarters is highly edible – and there is reason to believe that it was cultivated intentionally for consumption […]
  • Weeds: Pokeweed, Common - Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana), is a fairly common weed, though you might mistake it for a shrub in the late summer. This herbaceous perennial is also known as Inkberry. Other names include American pokeweed, poke sallet, or poke salad.  The “poke” part of the name could come from the Algonquian word pokan, meaning bloody. according to […]
  • Fencing for Deer – Medieval or Modern? - I was recently reading Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbor, and found a tip for dealing with wildlife challenges. It made me think of the many illuminations you find (like this one from the Tacuinum Sanitatis), with what seem to be immensely high (often living) fences around gardens. Gardener vs. The WildGardeners living in deer, […]
  • Weeds: Persian Speedwell - Persian speedwell (Veronica persica) is also called birdeye speedwell, common field-speedwell, large field speedwell, bird’s-eye, or winter speedwell. An annual, it prefers partial to full sun, moist conditions and good soil – though it’s not picky and can adapt to poor soils. Although originally from Eurasia, it is now found across North America and in […]
  • Lime - Liming is the application of to the soil of calcium carbonate, typically in the form of ground limestone. Chalk, marl, shells and hydrated lime are other forms of calcium carbonate used in this application process. Lime neutralizes soil acidity, improves soil texture and increases activity by soil microorganisms. It helps to ensure nitrogen availability for […]


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3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I’ve been researching medieval crossbows, among many other things. Can you tell me what that illustration on your blog is from? I’m especially interested in the time period.



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